We at Cristal Dilusion can help you develop the profile that matches what your company stands for and the message you want to convey. We work for our customers so that you should not have to think about how the pen should look like, how the stitching on a garment is done or what quality the conference folder should be like, we think of it for you. Our vision is to become the best in the industry with the most satisfied customers and with the help of good relationships and creative thinking, the path to finished products will be fun and clear. Services Branding of your office wear, school wear, corporate gifts is the uniqueness that Cristal Dilusion brings at your service that one can only experience through us. We will make you look funky, sassy, trendy and professional at any time of the year. Look no further.
Office & Casual Wear 
Be the proffessional, classy and trendy figure with our sophisticated outfits that are made and branded to your office needs.
School & Security Uniforms 
We understand that your company brand means everything to you, we will brand you just the way you want with all your uniform designs.
Sports & Safety Wear
Let your employees represent your company everywhere they go from golf shirts, tracksuits, winter wear and all satey gear we supply.
General & Other Wear 
Whether it’s caps, scuffs, hats, bags or pens let us put your business name on them. Let your brand speak for itself everywhere.
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Corporate Wear